v1.048 patch notes

Features & Gameplay

  • Added 3 new units: the Spider Tank, Warhawk and Decimator
  • It is no longer required to type in a name to enter a game (if you don't type in a name, you will have an auto-generated name).
  • Manta base damage increased by around 10%.
  • Javelin health increased by around 10%.
  • Bomber health increased by around 10%.
  • Peregrine missile damage increased around 13%; machine gun damage increased around 20%.  


  • You can no longer see player name text through fog of war.
  • Improved Battleship firing.
  • Fixed black box showing on home page when adblocker was turned on.
  • Fixed space bar press showing black screen in firefox. 
  • Fixed Gladiator disappearing when rocket feet ability used. 
  • The enter key should no longer close the end game window. 
  • Fixed explosion sound sometimes not firing. 
  • The hovering droid can no longer be hit.